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Name: SURE-WAY LOGISTICS LLC Specialty: Nurse’s Aide Type of Practice: Organization Provider/Org: Medical School: Graduation year from medical school: Affiliation:
Practice Type: Nursing Service Related Providers Classification: Nurse’s Aide Specialization: . Definition of Specialty: (1) An unlicensed individual who is trained to function in an assistive role to the licensed nurse in the provision of patient/client activities as delegated by the nurse; (2) An individual trained (either on-the-job or through a formal course generally of less than one year) and experienced in performing patient or client-care nursing tasks that do not require the skills of a specialist, technician, or professional. Examples of tasks performed by nurses aides include changing clothes, diapers, and beds; assisting patients to perform exercises or personal hygiene tasks, and supporting communication or social interaction. Specific education and credentials are not required for this work.
License & NPI
License #(s): , , , , License State(s): , , , ,
Practice Location: SURE-WAY LOGISTICS LLC,106 LOWERY ST,CHESTER,SC,297061319,US Mailing Address: SURE-WAY LOGISTICS LLC,PO BOX 1502,CHESTER,SC,297061561,US
Contact #
Practice location phone #: 8032090980 Practice location fax #: 8033771616 Mailing address Phone #: 8032090980 Mailing Address fax #: 8033771616 Authorized official Name/Telephone #:TEYA, TERRILL, JONES, OPERATOR 8032090980
Date NPI was obtained: 08/28/2021 Last data data was updated: 08/28/2021 Insurances:

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