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Name: RAE THERAPIES Specialty: Art Therapist Type of Practice: Organization Provider/Org: Medical School: Graduation year from medical school: Affiliation:
Practice Type: Respiratory, Developmental, Rehabilitative and Restorative Service Providers Classification: Art Therapist Specialization: . Definition of Specialty: (1) An individual who uses art to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional integration, and recovery from or adjustment to illness or disability. (2) An art therapist uses a form of treatment that enables patients with mental or physical disabilities to use art as a way of expressing and dealing with feelings and inner conflicts. (3) An individual who uses arts modalities and creative processes during intentional intervention in therapeutic, rehabilitative, community, or educational settings to foster health, communication, and expression; promote the integration of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social functioning; enhance self-awareness; and facilitate change.
License & NPI
License #(s): , , , , License State(s): , , , ,
Practice Location: RAE THERAPIES,2601 E THOMAS RD STE 115,PHOENIX,AZ,850168222,US Mailing Address: RAE THERAPIES,2601 E THOMAS RD STE 115,PHOENIX,AZ,850168222,US
Contact #
Practice location phone #: 7153835442 Practice location fax #: Mailing address Phone #: 7153835442 Mailing Address fax #: Authorized official Name/Telephone #:EMMA, SCHEETS, CCLS, OWNER AND DIRECTOR 7153835442
Date NPI was obtained: 08/30/2021 Last data data was updated: 08/30/2021 Insurances:

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