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Name: MS. ABIGAIL B KUHN DENTAL HYGIENIST Specialty: Dental Hygienist Type of Practice: Individual provider Provider/Org: Medical School: Graduation year from medical school: Affiliation:
Practice Type: Dental Providers Classification: Dental Hygienist Specialization: . Definition of Specialty: An individual who has completed an accredited dental hygiene education program, and an individual who has been licensed by a state board of dental examiners to provide preventive care services under the supervision of a dentist. Functions that may be legally delegated to the dental hygienist vary based on the needs of the dentist, the educational preparation of the dental hygienist and state dental practice acts and regulations, but always include, at a minimum, scaling and polishing the teeth. To avoid misleading the public, no occupational title other than dental hygienist should be used to describe this dental auxiliary.
License & NPI
License #(s): DH011860R, , , , License State(s): PA, , , ,
Practice Location: 8901 WISCONSIN AVE.,BETHESDA,MD,208890001,US Mailing Address: 413 WOODLAND RD,GAITHERSBURG,MD,208772018,US
Contact #
Practice location phone #: 3012955411 Practice location fax #: Mailing address Phone #: 3019879369 Mailing Address fax #: Authorized official Name/Telephone #:
Date NPI was obtained: 08/25/2005 Last data data was updated: 07/08/2007 Insurances:

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